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Access Control

TECHNOLOGIE POWERGUARD is specialized in access control and offers a wide range of solutions based on your needs, here are a few examples: card readers, automatic door openers, latches and emergency exit devices.

We offer quick and reliable installation services based on your availability.

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Our access control system (isonas) has been embedded in the milestone platform since 2015: The largest cctv platform in the world

  • The CCTV and access control system is simplified and improved through a unique solution.
  • Different access control systems can be regrouped in the same interface.
  • Live monitoring of access points via the cameras.
  • Automation of the system and control over the different doors is simplified.
  • Allows the manual control of access points in a specific zone via the cameras.
  • Customized alarms for access control and/or cameras can be integrated in the system.

The strongest cctv system on the market today.  

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To defend its place as undisputed leader on the Quebec market, the CDVI access control is constantly evolving in order to offer the best services and products.

Currently partnered with the ATRIUM system: an IP-based access control, the final user is more comfortable using it. It even gives you the option of controlling your entire system via the internet.

We are proud to be certified installers

for their whole spectrum of products.  

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Isonas Access Control

Le contrôle d'Accès ISONAS est une véritable révolution dans l'industrie. Facile à installer, il permet de gérer l’ensemble des accès sans avoir à s'équiper de panneaux de contrôle et de terminaux encombrants.

Étant sur une base TCP/IP les lecteurs sont alimentés et communiquent avec le système via un seul cable réseau, ce qui facilite d'autant plus l'installation.

De plus, ISONAS fournit une solution qui permet un intégration simple avec votre système d'accès déjà en place.  Ce qui vous évite de remplacer votre système actuel tout en migrant vers une technologie IP. 

IP Bridges

The IP Bridges will merge your old access control system to a new IP system, by simply removing the control panels and connecting the IP bridges to the existing scanners. Following the same process, you can add other IP scanners which will then be added to the existing database and controlled by the same application.

This solution will make you save money. Each IP Bridge can control up to 3 different doors, keep in mind that there is no IP Bridge limit on your system. You can have access to our IP Bridges using an exit button (REX), a HID scanner and all the necessary equipment needed for a sound functioning of your door.

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Door Operator

Installer of NABCO products: we have a wide range of operators.

We have a vast variety of door operator devices, which will meet your safety requirements.

We have a solution for every scenario: be it for sliding doors when entering your company, a handicap access, your receipt of goods or any other situation.

Door Hardware

We install all types of door hardware, you might need in your projects such as:

  • Electric latch
  • Mortise
  • Electro-magnet
  • Electro-magnet with a 3–15 second delay
  • Exit request
  • Closer
  • Panic bar
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